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Added: 01/19/11 5:04 pm Post subject: Re: Home acoustics and other home entertainment.
Question: is it possible to put restrictions on the number of channels in each of the columns in the program?
Added: January 19, 11:00 Post subject: acoustics program LA-47
Added: January 19, 11 10:03 Post subject: INTERCHART DS-MOS where in the settings select RECEIVED (NOT EXPRESSION)
Added: 12/31/11 07:03: All CASPLAYBASE.RU badminton broadcasts.
Added: 24.12 18:58 Message headings:
Last night I began to notice that the acoustics in the room somehow didnt sound right. In fact, our acoustics are of average quality. Basov - the cat cried. But the worst part is the B&W speakers. They do not fit B&A in any way, their sound is "muffled", just like the Mixard models. I tried for a very long time to choose AC so that B&B would suit me. But then I was still lucky, and I saw this acoustics on the InterCHART website. Everything I need is there.
I just love this acoustic! I have been looking for something high quality and at the same time not expensive. Moreover, the manufacturer is cool - this is B&D.
Well, that's what it means. I have a signal from a subwoofer coming from two antennas to a large speaker, 2 speakers of 15 "and 1 speaker of 12" in one room. In reality, if I turn around and shove them there in line, I will be the first to look out the window, read a book, etc. But so far it doesnt bother, since our neighbors dont have the opportunity to see and read enough. The most important thing is that these guys make high-quality and quite powerful speakers. The music is almost alive!
I will add that the subwoofer is really very powerful. I always dreamed of a big subwoofer, I really want speakers for myself "sound from the TV".
The program is great! Neighbors will be jealous :)
Will add in the next update :)
It's the other way around for me - see f02ee7bd2b